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Happy Birthday — Ray Charles

Ray Charles PhotoRay Charles Robinson was born on this date in 1930 in Albany, GA. Born into a poor family in the heart of the depression, losing his sight at age seven, losing his brother at age five, father at ten and mother at fifteen, Ray persevered to become perhaps the greatest male soul singer of all time. Here’s Ray singing “Mess Around”, which you may remember being “air performed” by John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.


Ray Charles — “Mess Around”

Easily one of the best vocalist of the 20th century, Mr. Ray Charles.

Happy Birthday — Ray Charles

While he’s not around to celebrate, Ray would’ve been 78 today. Here’s Ray playing “I Got A Woman”:

Ray Charles — Ring Of Fire

On his second appearance on The Johnny Cash Show, Ray Charles performed Cash’s hit, “Ring Of Fire”. Do you think that at that time they knew that they’d both have biopics made in the new millennium, for which¬† the actors portraying them would win Academy Awards?

Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time has gone and compiled a list for all of us telling us who are the top artists of all time. I’m glad they tell me how to think sometimes, because I sometimes forget that I can do it on my own. Trey Anastasio writes about Zappa, Warren Haynes writes about the Grateful Dead and Van Morrison on Ray Charles. (Taken from 2005)