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Phish: New Years play for pay

Can’t make Phish’s New Years shows in NYC? How would you like for them to play live… on your computer, for the low, low price of $39.95? has the info…



Phish — Live Bait, Vol. 3

In celebration of Worcester’s past, Phish has released the Live Bait, Vol. 3. A 59 minute Runaway Jim? Check. An Auld Lang Syne that morphs into a then unheard of jam (was labeled Zappa jam on my original tape) that would later be known as Down With Disease? Check. A fiery Llama and sublimely smokin’ SOAMelt? Check and check. Free? Check.

Check it out here. Check.

Trey Anastasio — “Stash”

Phish’s Rift Promo video

You’ve gotta watch this. Great stuff! Ah, the early days… I must add I found this on PT.

Look who popped in backstage…

You never know what kind of riffraff you’ll run into backstage.

Fall Tour ’10 M.V.P.: Trey Anastasio


Little Feat — “Spanish Moon”

Although I was a tad disappointed that the Halloween album wasn’t Physical Graffiti, Waiting Foe Columbus is certainly a killer album. I actually can’t think of too many live albums that sound fresher, crisper and ALIVE! Long live Lowell George and Paul Barrere. Here’s a download I posted back in ’08.