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Little Feat — “Spanish Moon”

Although I was a tad disappointed that the Halloween album wasn’t Physical Graffiti, Waiting Foe Columbus is certainly a killer album. I actually can’t think of too many live albums that sound fresher, crisper and ALIVE! Long live Lowell George and Paul Barrere. Here’s a download I posted back in ’08.


R.I.P. — Lowell George

lowellgeorge1Slide guitar extraordinnaire Lowell George, passed on this date in 1979. After a brief stint with Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention, George founded Little Feat (named for his small, fat feet), whom he triumphantly lead throughout the 70’s. George also tried his hand at producing, most famously taking the helm for the Dead’s Shakedown Street. Here’s a ripping “Dixie Chicken” from 1977:

Click here to check out Little Feat at Ultrasonic Studios from ’74.

Happy Birthday — Lowell George

465710313_dc67f18bf5Socket wrench slide guitar player Lowell George was born on this date in 1945. George founded Little Feat and also produced the Grateful Dead’s album, Shakedown Street. Click here to stream/download a 1974 Little Feat from Hempstead Studios in NY and here to download a 1975 show from Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. He died in 1979 at the age of 34.

Little Feat — Atlanta, GA (5/23/1975)

Skin It Back
One Love Stand
Rock & Roll Doctor
Oh Atlanta
On Your Way Down
Juliete > Jam
Day Or Night
All That You Dream
Dixie Chicken
Tripe Face Boogie
Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
Willin’ > Band & Guest Intro
Teenage Nervous Breakdown


Did You Know??

465710313_dc67f18bf5Lowell George, one of rock music’s most influential slide guitarists, used a Sears Roebuck 11/16 socket wrench for a slide

Little Feat — Join The Band

Talking to Bill Payne is like entering an eternal past, a rare preservation of the peace-addled 1970s music era carried over into what he calls the “pop prism” of the 21st century. As a founding member of Little Feat, he is unabashedly sentimental, strikingly intelligent and he believes sincerely in the power of words, art and, of course, music. He has a loyal respect for the music community, which he discusses, without hierarchy or pretense, as a bunch of guys who like to get together and play music. The impression he gives is not one of history, but of timelessness.

“We’ve had The Rolling Stones sit on the side of the stage and watch us. We’ve had the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia watching us,” he says in his unique, almost stream-of-consciousness style that evokes emotions more than structured thought. “Brahms used to call it the ‘footsteps of giants.’ For him it was Beethoven, Hayden, Mozart; for me it was Zappa, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ray Charles. Keith Richards said to me once, ‘Oh mate, we’re all part of the same thing.’ He was saying, ‘Welcome to the club. You dig us, and we dig you guys, too.’ What a concept.” Continue Reading…

Musical Stew Daily’s Join The Band review and info

Phish — Sneaking Sally Through The Alley

Originally taken from Robert Palmer’s excellent 1974 album of the same name, this was the third song in a three song suite that started off with “Sailing Shoes”, moved into “Hey Julia” and climaxed with “Sneaking Sally..” Arguably Robert Palmer’s strongest album, it was in fact his solo debut and he was ably backed by The Meters, then at their peak, as well as, Lowell George of Little Feat, who wrote “Sailing Shoes”.

Here’s Phish playing “Sneaking” at their Halloween show in 1998: