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What in the bloody hell does Mick Jagger think about Keith Richards’ biography?

I am, I see here, marginally endowed, if I read Keith’s sniggering aright. I do not sing well, either. I am not polite to employees; indeed, I have even been known to say, “Oh, shut up, Keith,” in band meetings. I do not appreciate the authenticity of the music or the importance of what we do. I want to “lord it over” the band, like James Brown. I am “insufferable.” I slept with Anita.
Most of that is in just the first quarter of this overlong book, but a tattoo of my failings sounds all through it and culminates in almost 20 full pages of rambling invective near the end.
I don’t mind this, really, for reasons I hope are understandable and will get into later. This is all from a guy pushing 70 for whom gays are still “poofters” and women “bitches.” I think so many things about Keith. We were close, the two of us, for many years. We had known each other in grade school, if you can believe it, in the same undistinguished eastern suburb. Then we bumped into each other in a train station at 18 or so and started talking about the blues. We were different; I’d already been on TV with my father, who was a fairly notable expert on physical education at the time. Keith was … rougher, let’s say. For the next nearly 10 years, we were rarely apart. Even after we were famous, we lived at each others’ flats or houses. We were still very young, and, like puppies, we’d cluster together. (more….)


33 Years ago today…

keith_richardsKeith Richards crashed his car in southeast England after falling asleep at the wheel. Police found marijuana and cocaine on the guitarist, which resulted in more legal issues for Keef.

Happy Birthday — Keith Richards

keith-richards-louis-vuittoRolling Stones’ Keith Richards is 65 today. Can you believe it? He doesn’t look a day over 35! Here’s the old mate singing “You Got The Silver” from Let It Bleed.

Winston Legthigh & The Dirty Macs — Yer Blues

Of course it’s only John Lennon, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton & Mitch Mitchell here, but I think ole Johnny was being a bit of a cad calling himself Winston Legthigh. John middle name was Winston, after Winston Churchill, but he changed it to Ono. Here are The Macs playing The Beatles’ song, “Yer Blues” from The Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus: