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Jimi Hendrix — “Hey Joe” > “Sunshine Of Your Love”

Here’s a bit of a historic clip. Apparently Jimi was contractually obligated to play “Hey Joe”, Jimi started in on it, thought it “jive” and then led the band through Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love” in homage, as the Clapton-Baker-Bruce ensemble had just called it quits.


43 years ago today…

youtube460x276Cream was joined on-stage by Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix had only been in London for a week, yet was already creating a storm in the local music scene. In double-time, Hendrix tore through a version of “Killing Floor”. His dazzling play and guitar wizardry caused Clapton to exit the stage and ask Hendrix’s manager (Chas Chandler), “is he always this f@$%ing good?”.

41 years ago today…

dfcr6901Eric Clapton announced that supergroup, Cream would split after they finished their current tour.

Cream — “Sunshine Of Your Love”

Happy Birthday — Jimi Hendrix

jimi_hendrix-gal-guitarWe’d like to wish a very happy birthday to the most influential rock guitarist of all time, Johnny Allen Hendrix. Hendrix led the way with his cartwheeling, pyrotechnic psychedelic blues rock to generations of guitarists. Hitting the scene in the mid-1960’s, Hendrix was in the public for little over 5 years, but his unmatched prowess on the guitar made him a living legend before his untimely death in September of 1970. From there Hendrix’s legend has grown, soared and reached unparalleled heights. Check out some of MSD’s previous Hendrix posts for some great stuff that hasn’t been made commercially available, namely our recent post which offered studio jams of Hendrix with Traffic. Jimi would have been 66 today and even though he was not alive in our lifetime, he is truly a unique and timeless artist and his influence is heard in pretty much every guitar solo you hear after 1969.

Here’s the Jimi Hendrix Experience with “Hey Joe” and Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love”:

Jack Bruce of Cream — “Zeppelin, you’re crap…”

jbWe’re not sure if he was joking or if he was drunk or both, but Jack Bruce had some rather insulting words for Led Zeppelin. Classic Rock Magazine reports:

“Well, the trouble is that I’m doing so many amazing things on my own. Cream is just a band from many, many years ago, and we did do something [referring to the reunion shows in 2005]… (more…)

40 Years Ago Today…

cream12aCream played their final gig (save their reunion dates in the 2000’s) on this date in Long Island, NY.