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R.I.P. — Captain Beefheart (1941-2010) — True to his own spirit

Don Van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart passed yesterday at the age of 69. A truly original artist in every sense of the word. Vliet worked off/on with Zappa through the years and with his own Magic Band. Never one to be fenced in or labeled, his unmistakable tortured vocals can be heard in the songs below. His career shifted to paintings, sculpting and drawings that would prove to be highly sought after works. His last many years had been spent in seclusion after many reports came forward claiming him to be afflicted with multiple sclerosis.

Here’s a Rolling Stone piece from ’70 that well represents the unique mystique that surrounded Beefheart.

Rest well, Captain.

Here’s “Her Eyes Are Blue Million Miles”:

“Tropical Hot Dog Night”:



R.I.P. — Bill Graham (1931-1991)

billgrahamLegendary San Franciscan concert promoter Bill Graham died on this date in 1991 after his helicopter crashed following a Huey Lewis concert. A charismatic and controversial personality, Graham helped define the San Francisco music scene in the late 60’s, opened the Fillmore, East and West, was a permanent fixture at every Dead New Years show, organized The Band’s “Last Waltz” and even co-starred as “Lucky” Luciano in Warren Beatty’s Bugsy. RIP Uncle Bobo.

R.I.P. — Jaco Pastorius (1951-1987)

jaco_pastoriusDying young with the actual events shrouded in mystery, Jaco was certainly heard loud and clear in the music industry, leaving no question to his talent. Here’s some music from his Word Of Mouth band (’82).

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R.I.P. — Bob Moog (1934-2005)

bob_moogInventor of the Moog synthesizer and theramin, Robert Moog (rhymes with vogue) died of brain cancer on this date in 2005. The first rock album to feature the Moog was The Doors’ Strange Days, the recording of which began 42 years ago today as well. Click here to read Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee discuss Bob Moog and working with the theramin and synthesizer. Here’s the recently released Moog guitar.

R.I.P. — Bobby Sheehan (1968-1999)

BWBobby1Blues Traveler’s original bassist died 10 years ago yesterday in New Orleans of an overdose. Check out this Blues Traveler show from Red Rocks ’98.

Intro, Star-Spangled Banner-> Sweet Talking Hippie, Love & Greed, Her & Me, Happy Birthday, Dropping Some NYC, Mountains Win Again, The Path, Crystal Flame, Shotgun Shell Fake-Out, All In the Groove, Great Big World, Traveler Suite, Yours, Love of My Life, Stand, Psycho Joe, Chan’s Groove*#->Gotta Get Mean#, Shotgun Shell, Crash Burn, Band Introductions, Escaping


R.I.P. — LeRoi Moore (9/7/61 – 8/19/08)

Leroi-MooreLeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band passed on this date last year. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since his passing, yet his legacy lives on through his music. Since Moore’s passing, the band has paid tribute to its co-founder with a Live Trax installment of his final show and an entire album dedicated to his memory, Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King.

Here’s Proudest Monkey from 12/29/95:

Les Paul & Mary Ford — “How High The Moon”

Les Paul and Mary Ford performing “How High The Moon”, which Phish played tonight and dedicated to Les Paul.