Music that moves us.


Derek Trucks — “Layla”

I was almost this good when I was 13. Really.


moe. — “Akimbo”

From ’95. Al with hair. This was around the first time I saw them and man, they blew me away.

Rock and Roll Yearbook

Jerry Garica, 1957

Jerry Garica, 1957

Rolling Stone’s feature on rock stars in high school, before fame and fortune is a trip. Click here to check it out.

Space Antelope — Watertown, CT (12/7/82)


Lifespace, All Along the Watchtower*, Franklin’s Tower, Goin Down the Road**, Hemispheres***, Wild Child^, Fluff’s Travels, Walk on the Wild Side^
Notes: ¬†¬† ¬†circulated initially as “unknown 82/83?”, but date later updated; * Dylan cover, ** w/ Dude of Life (vocals); not GDTRFB, *** Rush cover, ^Lou Reed cover

The Space Antelope lineup:
 Steve Pollack (The Dude of Life) - vocals
 Trey Anastasio - guitar and vocals
 Rob "Flash" Gordon - guitar and vocals
 Dud Taft - bass
 Doug Parsons - drums


R.E.M. — “Driver 8”

From 1984, the young band from Athens performing one of their early classics. Sidenote: Mike Stipe has hair!

Ween — “I Got A Weasel”

promo1This is just great!

Ween — Marble Tulip Juicy Tree

ween-godweensatanHere are the brothers Ween in 1991, playing “Marble Tulip Juicy Tree” from God Ween Satan.