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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday — Brent Mydland

brentBrent would have been 57 today, but sadly left us in 1990 at age 37. I found this cool video that shows Bob, Billy and Brent at a hotel bar with a brief cameo from Jerry. Also included is the band’s take on Chuck Berry’s classic, “Johnny B. Good”.


Happy Birthday — Trey Anastasio

MUSIC TREY ANASTASIOMy favorite living musician and guitarist for Phish, turns 45 today. 2009 has been a great year for Trey, with the return of Phish and working with various orchestras for his compositions, Trey has proven once again that he is one of the most creative and inspired musicians working today. Thanks for all you do, Big Red!

Happy Birthday — John Coltrane

WallJohnColtraneBebop and free jazz saxophonist, John Coltrane would have been 83 today. To say that Coltrane was a great saxophonist is like saying Willie Mays was a good outfielder, translation = he was the best. Here’s John tackling the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, “My Favorite Things”.

Happy Birthday — Ray Charles

Ray Charles PhotoRay Charles Robinson was born on this date in 1930 in Albany, GA. Born into a poor family in the heart of the depression, losing his sight at age seven, losing his brother at age five, father at ten and mother at fifteen, Ray persevered to become perhaps the greatest male soul singer of all time. Here’s Ray singing “Mess Around”, which you may remember being “air performed” by John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Happy Birthday — Van Morrison

van-morrisonVan the man turns 64 today. Please raise your goblet, pilsner glass or vat of spirits to the heavens in honor of George Ivan from Belfast. You may know him as a Van, regardless, lift a snifter and quaff mass quantities of the bubbly and whatever else whets your whistle to celebrate the light Van’s shown on us.

“Sweet Thing”

Happy Birthday — Robert Plant

Robert-PlantLittle Robert Anthony came out to play on this date in 1948. Perhaps you’ve heard of the small band he fronted, went by the name of Led Zeppelin. Sound familiar? I may have to do a little research on this Mr. Led Zeppelin fellow, they may be worth checking out.

Which one is Led?

Happy Birthday — Mike Bloomfield

1450442450_d86253c60bPaul Butterfield Blues Band and Electric Flag guitarist, Mike Bloomfield would have turned 66 today. His legendary fret work was featured on such albums as PBBB’s East-West, EF’s Long Time Runnin’ and Super Session with Al Kooper. Bloomfield died of a drug overdose in 1981.

Here’s a Mike, Muddy, Junior Wells and a whole slew of blues musicians.

Here’s a show featuring Paul Butterfield with aid from Mike. Click here.