Music that moves us.

Phish — Summer ’10 (so far)


So far, So good…
IT changes your life, and as transcendent music, it simultaneously surprises and awes us. Harnessing that power, Phish have demonstrated over the course of almost 27 years why they are one of the most versatile touring acts in rock history. Today, Phish still continues to earn new fans, while charming even the most belligerently jaded of their aging base by tossing them a bone now and then.
This is not to say that it’s “all Hood.” Phish is not the same band that played non-stop for ten hours at Cypress ten years ago to festively baptize a millennium. They are not improvising as boldly and routinely as they did, say, in August 1993 or December 1995 or November 1997. But, in context, the highlights of their shows these days are just as meaningful now as they were back then. Phish is playing well, and almost all of their shiny new original songs, which debuted on this tour, appear to show at least as much promise as any Rift, Hoist or Joy tune ever did. (more…)


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