Music that moves us.

The Doors — “When You’re Strange”

If you’re unaware, Jimbo & Co. Inc. are releasing a new movie based on the iconic front man of the 60’s rock band. Organist and band mouthpiece, Ray Manzarek has called the new documentary the anti-Ollie Stone Doors movie. Old Ray wasn’t too thrilled about Oliver’s take on Mr. Mojo and his comrades. Check out the trailer here:

Here’s the band pre-super stardom and before receiving the spoils of mainstream success performing “The End” for Canadian television in ’67. Jim’s wearing his customary black “leathers” here that he would eventually don when the band performed on their infamous Ed Sullivan performance. There’s an oft repeated rumor that Elvis Presley watched The Doors on Sullivan’s performance and would emulate his attire in his career changing ’68 comeback performance shortly after.

In another footnote, Jim Morrison stated in his original Elektra questionnaire that his favorite male singers were Elvis and Sinatra.


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