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Pretty Lights NYE 2009 Midnight Remixes

“The Pretty Lights 2010 New Years Eve show at the Vic Theatre in Chicago was the first NYE show I’ve played where I was the artist on stage during the countdown and the celebration of the new year. I wanted to make it fresh.. a one time only kind of in the days leading up to that show, I worked on two tracks that I thought would make the moments up to and after midnight extra dope. The tracks are a sort of remix/mashup of older songs that touch on the theme of midnight combined with lots of original PL styles & sounds laced into, under, and on top of the original classics.

“The first track is a remix of The Final Countdown by Europe, mashed up with DJ Shadow’s Midnight In A Perfect World (the album version & the deluxe version). It’s an epic fist pumping dubsteppy downtempo saga, if you can imagine that, that leads into the countdown to 2010. The 2nd track is a remix/mashup of the Allman Brothers Midnight Rider and JJ Cale’s After Midnight. It travels from straight hiphop mashup style to bouncy dubhop club banger and back. I performed this track right after midnight and after the balloon drop, so you can hear the balloons popping in the background. It was an awesome experience for me so I’m releasing the live recorded versions of both tracks, so that the moment can be relived by anyone & everyone who so desires.”

~Derek Vincent Smith

get the tracks here

Posted by Will Totte, a 22 year old Michigander and recent graduate from Indiana University who works part-time forLive Nation (but we like him anyway) and also with a regional production/management crew in support of artists and venues in metro Detroit. He says his dream job is to own a small bar/club that serves great food/ beers and music (you and me both…).


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