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Save Conan!

Check out how some NBC and Tonight Show employees (and plenty of other random Facebook fans) are showing their loyalty to Conan.

From TMZ:

Conan Supporters Slap NBC in the Facebook

Posted Jan 13th 2010 1:10PM by TMZ Staff

O’Brien‘s most loyal employees are refusing to abandon their leader — and have taken to Facebook to rally support for the guy NBC is treating like a redheaded stepchild.

Several people who work for “The Tonight Show” and NBC have united on the social networking site and changed their picture to an Obama-esque image of O’Brien that features the words, “I’m With COCO.”

The COCO craze is already spreading like wildfire on FB — and according to the guy who created the artwork, Mike Mitchell, the image has already been seen by Conan himself.

So far … no sighting of any “I’m with Chin” or “I Heart Peacock” artwork floating around.


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