Music that moves us.

14 years ago today…

phish-fox-theatre-95Phish embarked on a three show run at The Fabulous Fox in Atlanta. Somehow I managed to get about 10 feet from the stage every night and man, did they throw down. These were the first shows the band had played since performing Quadrophenia a week and a half prior and had been completely sold out for weeks. The Fox was built in the 1920’s is one of the most beautiful places to see a show in the Deep South. Here’s a shot that my friend, Megan Case recently took from the stage:

-1-10 2Check out all the terrain the band covered in this three night run:

Set 1: Tweezer Reprise, The Divided Sky, Prince Caspian, Punch You In the Eye, Simple > Reba, Tela > Sample in a Jar
Set 2: Theme From the Bottom > Julius, The Lizards, Bathtub Gin[1] -> The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday Reprise, Life on Mars?, Hello My Baby, The Squirming Coil
Encore: Loving Cup
Set 1: Bouncing Around the Room, Runaway Jim, Taste That Surrounds, The Old Home Place, It’s Ice, Dog Faced Boy, Maze, Guyute, Cavern
Set 2: Free, Scent of a Mule, You Enjoy Myself -> Crossroads -> You Enjoy Myself, Strange Design, Sparkle, AC/DC Bag, Sweet Adeline
Encore: Harry Hood
Set 1: Cars Trucks Buses > Mike’s Song > A Day in the Life > Poor Heart > Weekapaug Groove, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Ya Mar, Stash, Amazing Grace[1], Fee > Chalk Dust Torture
Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > David Bowie, Suzy Greenberg > Uncle Pen, Fluffhead, Sleeping Monkey > Frankenstein -> Suspicious Minds > Hold Your Head Up, Run Like an Antelope
Encore: Acoustic Army, Good Times Bad Times


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