Music that moves us.

So Much Great Music…

miles-davis-jack-johnsonSo many great albums to choose from for Phish’s Halloween album. Every day I find myself wanting to hear something different. For example, today I was leaning towards Blind Faith’s amazing eponymous album and then I started thinking about how killer it would be to hear Zeppelin IV and then I find myself longing for Miles Davis’ Tribute To Jack Johnson.  This can’t be an easy decision to make, but whatever they choose, it’s gonna rock! Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts weighs in on his thoughts:

Ever since Phish unveiled their haunted gallery of albums on Monday, there has been a distinct buzz throughout the community as people continue to discover, rediscover, and imagine Phish donning each costume. Text messages and calls have crossed the country with predictions, picks, and commands to “Check this one out!” Fans from coast to coast have been digging into these 99 albums ferociously, thanks to a mysterious Halloween blog that  continues to post them. As I type this, I am listening to The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds from top to bottom for the first time ever, and though I think Phish should steer clear the vocal-centric surf pop, it’s a pleasure to hear these songs in their original context. This week, I have discovered more amazing music than any week-long period in memory, and ironically I have Phish to thank. (more…)


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