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Sunday Jazz — John Scofield

scofieldLegendary guitarist John Scofield is Sunday Jazz’s focus today. I remember catching a Scofield show at The Georgia Theatre 8-9 years ago on same random evening. The vibe at the show was chill and I remember seeing Scofield walking through the front door and straight up on stage. Just kind of struck me as a no nonsense, no frills approach. There’s no need for me to rehash the greatness of his guitar work through the years (with Miles Davis, MMW, etc.), but his album A Go Go is really one of those albums everyone should have in their collection.

Here’s some of his work through the years.

Here’s Sco’ with Pat Martino and Joey DeFrancesco, which speaking of Joey, you should check out his Sinatra album, playing “Sunny”:

Jaco and Sco’:

With Miles from ’85:

With Medeski, Martin & Wood from ’07:


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