Music that moves us.

Scott Murawski’s notes on the Atlanta show (9/17)

image_2009_07_30.04We attended Mike’s show at the Variety Playhouse on 9/17 and had an absolute blast, that’s why it was so nice to see that the band had a great time too. While the first set was spectacular, the second set was just a monster. The sax player that appeared with the band added that certain intangible that launched the band into orbit. Here’s Scott’s take:

Wow.  What a great show we had last night.
Well, before I get to that, we had a day off in Atlanta on Wednesday.  We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, and we had a nice plate of fresh fruit on the desk when we checked in.  Mike, Tom and I went to lunch with Colonel Bruce Hampton Ret. at an Asian restaurant.  Bruce is hilarious.  He’s got a zillion stories.
After a nap and dinner at a little diner around the corner from the hotel, Mike and I went to a little Indian restaurant where there was a jazz jam going on, and Todd and Tom were playing.  There was a great sax player, Deji Coker Jr.
It was a nice, relaxing day off.
Yesterday, the show was at The Variety Playhouse which is in a very cool little neighborhood called Little Five Points.  We had a great dinner beforehand and a coffee from Java Lords. (more…)

On a side note, if anyone knows where we can get a copy of the Atlanta show, e-mail us at


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