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Phish — Sessions at West 54th

danny_clinch_12817-26563-22-50Great post here by Dog Gone Blog covering Phish’s 1998 performance on PBS’ Sessions at West 54th, hosted by David Byrne. I remember catching this while we were on a ski trip and being unaware that the band had taped this. You can imagine my surprise coming across this while flipping through the channels one late evening in Utah.

On October 20, 1998, Phish performed on David Byrne’s PBS TV show Sessions at West 54th at Sony Music Studios in New York. In an intimate show, with a crowd of only 200, the band delivered a stellar performance.  One day after the Bridge School Benefit, where Neil Young sat in with the band, Phish was clearly riding a high wave.  The set was partially aired, interspersed with an interview with band, by David Byrne.  The interview deals with a wide range of topics, from the recording of Story of the Ghost to Mike’s religious experience at Goddard.  For those of you who have not heard the show, or seen the interviews, we have posted them both below. (more…) Video and audio contained within link.

Click here to check out the video performance portion of the show.


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