Music that moves us.

Doctor Jones with Trey Anastasio — Hinesberg, VT (7/6/02)

Trey-1Disc 1
1. Only Human
2. Simple Hill
3. Evangline
4. Funnel Cake
5. Eyes of the World
6. Cissy Strut
7. The Way You Do The Things You Do
Disc 2
1. Dirtweed Jim
2. Julius

Private Party with:

Rob Dasaro – keys, vocals
Steve Drebber – drums, vocals
Jim Tasse – bass, vocals
with special guests
Trey Anastasio – guitar
“Mr. Charlie” Frazier – blues harp


Notes:(Steve Drebber)
Two days before Doctor Jones was supposed to play at this private party our guitar player Casey Grant’s father-in-law died suddenly.
We knew our college friend Trey was going to be at the party and asked if he would play a few songs with us to fill the guitar slot. Trey showed up and encouraged everyone to try mezcal shots with listerine cool mint gel tabs on their tongues. Trey dubbed the new drink sensation a “chrysalis”. The mezcal combined with some excellent brownies inspired the interpration of the music.
Trey had never heard the original tunes that we ran through that night, and probably had not played many of the cover tunes in years. The show is loose but provides several moments of great jamming. It is an interesting historical document at any rate.


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