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Album Review: Steez — Creepfunk Crusade

cover-only-400x367The debut offering from record label, Mason Jar Records, is Steez’s Creepfunk Crusade. This mid-west five piece ensemble, consists of Matt Williams (keyboards, synthesizers, and accordion), Steve Neary (guitar and vocals), Rob Bessert (drums), Chris Sell (bass), and Andrzej Benkowski (saxophone, oboe, and violin) can really cook, shake and groove.

Let me start by saying that this is a party album, no singer/songwriter, crying in your beer fare. Clocking in at roughly 72 minutes, you get bang for your buck with this release. This album is stylistically all over the map. Starting with a slow creep of groove, “Trouser Snake” builds into a steady rhythm and quickly devolves into Moog and horn showcase. Each player is able to showcase their skill and lays a sonic landscape of funk. In Wrapping It Up, we see sketches of surfin’ safari with panache and deep pockets of crunch. Rufio is a Latin-tinged offering that rushes in some places but offers sweet reward. Swirls of sounds tickle the ear and keep this almost 9 minute piece interesting and very well may be a show stopper in a live setting. The song concludes with a dense layering of voices that reminded me of Polyphonic Spree. Crunch funk with interesting and stylistic shifts typify Scoring Position. Electric Mr. Boston is another funk piece that intrigues. I must say that this is a hugely impressive debut album from Steez that I cannot recommend enough. Catch this band and see for yourself.


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