Music that moves us.

Crosby, Stills & Nash — Atlanta (8/17/09)

SNC13958Last night we went and saw Crosby, Stills & Nash play Atlanta’s Chastain Park. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these late 60’s icons could still put on a compelling and entertaining show with equal amounts of both showmanship and love. Reaching into their back catalog of era defining tracks and grooves, the guys also pulled songs from Dylan, the Stones and the Dead. Both the acoustic and the electric portion of the evening was littered with the songs you’d expect, “Wooden Ships”, “Guinevere”, “Southern Cross”,  “Just A Song Before I Go”, “Wasted On The Way”, etc., etc., yet their songs are comfortable and just make you feel good.

Nash and Crosby can still hit all the notes they could in their 20’s. Stills’ voice, on the other hand, possesses more gravel than honey, but he more than makes up with his soulful and inspired fret work and mere presence. Only the great ones can pull off a rainy Monday night show with such panache, class and relevance.  These guys did it and did it well.


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