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Let It Bleed a’la Phish

LetItBleed_leftover(1)In pondering what would be an appropriate album for Phish to cover for their musical costume at Festival 8 (10/30 – 11/1/09 in Indio, CA), I thought of an old favorite of mine, The Stones’ Let It Bleed. As the Stones pondered their fate whilst Brian Jones was unceremoniously ousted from the band, they wrote and recorded this instant classic. From the first notes of the all-hell’s-breaking loose fury of Gimme Shelter to the final notes of the philosophical masterpiece, You Can’t Always Get You Want and everything in between, this is the perfect album. You can feel sleaze and grit, the throbbing of Let It Bleed and you feel as if Mick may truly has a knife in his teeth while recording Midnight Rambler. Monkey Man is grit, moxie and swagger set to music.

I can vividly envision Jennifer Hartswick vocally churning and burning the backing vocals with Phish on Gimme Shelter a’la Merry Clayton (RAPE!!! MURDER!!! It’s just a shot away…). Mike covering Mick isn’t too much of stretch (he’s done it before with Emotional Rescue) and could channel him again on Monkey Man. The band would then unveil a choir to sing the finale You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

It’s not too far of a stretch is it? They’ve done The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Who. Anyway, It’s just one man’s suggestion.


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