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Joel Cummins talks about UM’s first tour

808613539_dcd2b213f0UM’s blog, The Floor:

In the summer of 1999, we embarked on our 1st tour.  We’d seen our local heroes, Ali Baba’s Tahini (featuring some guitar phenom named Jake Cinninger, you might have heard of him), pull off a successful month long jaunt on the East coast the previous summer.  So we thought, why not.  You can only play the South Bend, IN – St. Joseph, MI circuit so many weekends in a row.  We had somehow convinced Kevin Browning and family that we would be excellent stewards of his big, green suburban for this tour we had concocted.  Actually, Kevin more willingly offered it up to us once he realized we had no other plan.  It should be noted that this particular tour had the brilliant routing of hitting the music mecca of Buffalo, NY not once, but twice.  We were huge in Buffalo, is what that appears to mean.  Except that we weren’t.  This is also why you don’t have your keyboard player double as booking agent, but believe me, it’s not easy booking an East coast tour when your claim to fame is that you can sell 300 tickets in Michiana. (more…)


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