Music that moves us.

“This is Red Rocks! This is ‘The Edge’!”

rocks1Here’s Welcome To Now‘s take on the ’96 Red Rocks run, complete with downloads:

Skip ahead 18 years from the Dead’s 78′ run discussed here yesterday – into a new generation, new scene, new band – and check out this magical 4-night Phish run (!) at Red Rocks in the summer of 96′. These shows happen just as the Phish scene is exploding, from a minority phenomenon to a household name. The fanbase is growing and taking on a culture and language of its own. For instance, the crowd initiates an audience chant in Harry Hood through fliers passed out before the show – this ritual remains today and you’ll hear it any Hood post 96′. You can really feel the excitement coming out of this newly blooming community in these shows – the band and the audience are locked in and just mutually lifting the scene to a higher level. (more…)

Click here to follow all the weekend’s action on YEMBlog‘s twitter page.


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