Music that moves us.

Stephen’s Giraffe Shirt

ssgiraffeshirtphotoIf you follow the site, you’ve probably noticed a lot of Crosby, Stills & Nash (& Young) lately, specifically Stills. Well, we are going to be seeing them in a couple of weeks and I am beyond excited for the show. I think the band’s work over the past 40 years puts them in the living legends category. They were actually the first band to book and tour a true stadium tour, back in ’74. On a personal note, we had the band at our wedding learn and play Stills’ “How Far” (off of his Manassas album) at our wedding reception, so it has some sentimental significance to us. Anyway, here’s a cool little story about a gift from a fan that the artist actually liked and a nice tip of the hat to Steve. Suite Lorraine:

After buying my ticket online to the Pittsburgh CSNY concert a couple months ago, I was perusing a sewing website and noticed a material with tan and brown giraffes on a black background. Stephen Stills popped into my head. The Still Small Voice said, “Stephen would like that.” I bought five yards of it without knowing why. (more…)


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