Music that moves us.

Umphrey’s McGee — Madison, WI (10/5/02)

Set One : Intro* > Kabump > JO** > Walletsworth, Syncopated Strangers, Wappy Sprayberry# -> Phil’s Farm
Set Two : Sociable Jimmy > Steel Drum Odyssey^ > Gulam Sabri jam$ > OoO, Haji > Dr. Feelgood jam > Every Breath You Take/Theme from Peter Gunn$$ -> GItV, bass solo > Bullhead City@^^, VoP@ > jam@@, Ringo@@ > jam > Ringo
Set Three : ##AIT, JaJunk > HBB > jam** > Big Heart
Encore : Father and Son@%, Pay the Snucka
Notes * with DBK teases
** with Anchor Drops teases
# with Tradition (from Fiddler On the Roof) tease
^ with Mike on steel drums, Jake on drums, and Brendan on percussion
$ Garaj Mahal
$$ first time played; a la first episode Sopranos, season three
@ with Brendan and Jake on acoustic
^^ with Elliott Peck
@@ with just Jake on acoustic
## with different intro section; includes Close Encounters and Looney Toons theme teases
** with Thunderstruck and Jumpin’ Jack Flash teases
% first time played, Cat Stevens; just Jake and Brendan on stage



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