Music that moves us.

11 “Even Worse Songs”

mrt15Think of the worst song you know. Now imagine it sucking ten-fold, then you’ll get an idea of this compiled by James Gunn:

As I’ve been putting together these lists of Worst Songs, one question recurs: How do you define “worst”?  Some people think of “worst” as songs that are the most painful to listen to.  Others think they’re the songs that you hate, but still get stuck in your head.  Others insist they’re the songs that make you cringe with embarrassment when you watch them being performed, or the awful songs being performed with such cockiness and pretension it makes you want to strangle the person performing it (i.e. Creed).  Me, I think it’s ALL of those things.  So the songs below are chosen for different reasons. (more…)


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