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UM — Star Spangled from The Floor

IMG_5F00_6467-AnthemShifting focus from one classic US ballpark to another, Chicago’s Umphrey’s McGee took center stage to present Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spagled Banner” with obvious pride, as Brendan Bayliss shares from the band’s blog, The Floor:

I don’t care how many time we get to sing the anthem at Wrigley, it will never get old. There’s something magical about getting to walk out on to the field and being able to look Sweet Lou in the eyes. It makes me feel like a little kid every time, and I hope we did a good enough job to be invited back. Going into the game the Cubs were 3-0 when we sing for the. Unfortunately, Sean Marshall gave up 5 in the first, so the game was a bitter sweet experience. Baseball is a game of numbers, and 3-1 is still pretty good….but a loss is a loss and all we could do was drink that one away.
We will be doing the anthem at some other ball park next week. I will be wearing Cubs boxers to make it feel right.


One can only imagine that Ryan Stasik refrained from a vocal solo.


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