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Jim Morrison’s Miami Trial

morrison5I found this pretty interesting. This is a first hand account of what transpired at Jim Morrison’s obscenity/indecency trial in Miami in 1969.  The witness is then 20-year old aspiring photographer, Davd LeVine, formerly of Miami, FL. I have read numerous times in various books of accounts of the trial, btu nothing like this. Check it out, it’s pretty funny:

It was 1969 and I was a twenty year old photographer interested in doing special effects; the market of choice for the times was rock. Doing rock photography meant you could be as expressive and creative as the musicians themselves. There was only one problem – all of the “action” was in L.A. and New York and I was stuck in Miami.
At the Door’s concert I was ushered right in. I remember I was at the foot of the stage, the lighting was terrible (another thing that has changed). Being a lover of available lighting, I almost never use a flash; I feel the shots are always more real that way. The Doors started to play and boy were they bad, off tune and all. The band started to get rowdy and the crowd soon followed,charging the stage and almost crushing me. Mayhem ensued and that concert went down in rock history. I remember thinking that if I had paid $7.50 for a ticket I would have been really pissed off. (more…)


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