Music that moves us.

Runaround Sue

kw0009_editedQuestion: What groupie of the 1970’s lost her virginity to Eric Clapton, had affairs with John Lennon, George Harrison, Jimmy Page and married a Rolling Stone? 5….4….3….2….1….. Give up?

ronkrissieswimAnswer: Krissy Wood. Apparently she met Ron Wood when he was still a member of the Small Faces and married him in 1971. Wood soon became a member of the Stones and wrote the songs (with Keith Richards) “Breathe On Me” and “Mystifies Me” in her honor. She had an affair with Lennon while he was married to Yoko (mid-’73), an affair with Harrison after travelling with him to visit Salvador Dali (early ’73) while he was still married to Patti and an affair with Jimmy Page in the summer of ’74. All occured while she was still married to Ron Wood.


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