Music that moves us.

Umphrey’s McGee — South Bend, IN (11/2/01)

umphotoCatch a glimpse of UM in their early, formative years with this show. A nice addition to any UM collection.

Set One: Jam > Divisions, The Fussy Dutchman, Roulette > Walking on the Moon > Drums, Blue Echo > Syncopated Strangers, That’s The Way*@ > Goodbye Blue Sky**@, Uncle Wally@, Hurt Bird Bath
Set Two: Get In the Van, Band on the Run, 2×2 -> jam > White Man’s Moccasins, Good Ol’ Boys, piano improv > Orfeo^, Slacker@ > bass jam > Slacker#, America the Beautiful^^, Tribute to Spinal Shaft -> The Fuzz
Encore: Ringo
@ acoustic
* Led Zeppelin
** Pink Floyd
^ Joel only
# electric
^^ bass solo



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