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Phil Spector — GUILTY!!!

APTOPIX Phil SpectorWell it’s finally happened. Old Phil has finally been found guilty of the 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson. If you’ve ever read anything about this guy’s past, it’s not that surprising. From pulling a gun on John Lennon to attempting to kill his wife back in the 70’s, the guy hasn’t really been “all there” for quite some time. Click here to check out a post of ours about Phil and his “Wall Of Sound”. AP:

LOS ANGELES – Rock music producer Phil Spector was convicted Monday of second-degree murder in the shooting death of a film actress at his mansion six years ago, a verdict that will send him to prison for at least 18 years barring a successful appeal.
A Superior Court jury returned the verdict after about 30 hours of deliberations. The jury had the option of choosing involuntary manslaughter, but did not do so.
The panel also found Spector guilty of using a firearm in committing a crime.
Spector exhibited no reaction to the verdict. His attorney argued that he should remain free on bail pending the May 29 sentencing, but Judge Larry Paul Fidler remanded him to jail immediately.
Second-degree murder carries a penalty of 15 years to life in prison. The use-of-a-gun enhancement adds three, four or 10 years in prison, according to the district attorney’s office. (more….)


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  1. Has old Phil been finally found guilty? Well, I have asked Old Phil to join me in a lawsuit against the District Attorney of Los Angeles, LAPD, Leonard Cohen, Steve Lindsey, and others. I was dragged into this insanity, that I view as a set up, and firmly believe that Leonard Cohen perjured himself in Phillip´s grand jury. I happen to believe that it is a very serious matter and was told, by Cohen, that he confirmed for the detectives I met at his house that his comments to the newsmedia about Phillip were good rock ´n roll comments. So what caused him to change his story and appear before the grand jury. Why is he in the prosecutor´s legal documents but did not testify. Seems like he might be a very heavy witness – given the fact that he is manipulative, calculated, and malicious. That may explain why he targeted me and my children after realizing that I intended to go to the IRS after my advisers confirmed that he exposed me to criminal tax fraud. I did not respond to his bogus fraudulent lawsuit against me because I chose, instead, to report his tax fraud to various agencies. The only agency that threatened me – and continues to threaten me – is the Los Angeles District Attorney. I guess it was upsetting to realize that their witness was a fraud. It might also have been upsetting to realize, as attorneys have pointed out to me, that Phillip will have to attack Cohen´s grand jury testimony and, if he prevails, the indictment would have to be vacated and the original charges dropped.

    And then there are Bill Pavelic´s public allegations that LAPD´s Robbery-Homicide Unit set up him, Dr. Henry Lee, and Dr. Michael Baden in retaliation for the OJ trial. Seems fairly frightening. Doesn´t really explain, to me, why Robert Shapiro´s law clerk-attorney was meeting with LAPD at a Library in Long Beach. One would assume that Shapiro understands attorney-client privilege but perhaps the $1 million or so he took from Phillip was a motivating factor. After all, his associates are all over the Phil Spector murder trial – including Sara Caplan, Stanley White, and Greg Diamond.

    Some people think Alhambra PD screwed up when they viewed Phillip as a voyeur – instead of a witness according to their testimony – and tasered him, etc. They might have thought about the possibility of a civil suit against them. Phil Spector, after all, told me that Clarkson was behaving bizarrely in his home, waving the gun around, and singing Da Doo Run Run before she shot herself. Since I know him personally, and have for 25 years, I believed him. Why would a woman who mixed alcohol and vicodin be thinking correctly? Better yet – why has the newsmedia glamorized her?

    Phil Spector has been rendered unrecognizable by the prosecution whose entire case is based on gossip and slander from what I can tell.

    If you know Mr. Spector and have read the things that Leonard Cohen, Veronica Spector, Mick Brown, and others have said about him, you would conclude that he sells records and helps them with their careers. Or, you could conclude that they are liars.

    Kelley Lynch

    Why is Leonard Cohen in this document but did not take the stand against Phil Spector? Where is the bottle of Maneshevitz that used to be in his good rock ´n roll story? Maybe the prosecutors realized that the story does not work if Phillip is also holding a bottle of wine, has his arm around Cohen, and is holding a gun in the other hand. Sort of a no brainer really.

    April 21, 2009 at 6:58 pm

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