Music that moves us.

Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

kurt-cobain-picturesTwo days ago marked the fifteenth anniversary of the finding of Kurt Cobain’s body in his Lake Washington, WA home. There are several theories as to what happened leading to the singer/songwriter’s apparent suicide. Here’s a site in which the private investigator hired by Courtney Love the week before Cobain’s death discusses the suspicous circumstances surrounding the case. It’s an interesting read whether you’re a conspiracy nut or not. Additionally, here’s a piece Rolling Stone published in their Smoking Section where Dave Grohl disucusses the band’s Unplugged appearance that occured 6 months prior to Cobain’s death in April 1994.

Dave Grohl told us the amazing back story behind Nirvana’s November 18th, 1993, MTV Unplugged, which is finally getting a DVD release this month. The guys in Nirvana were not blown away by the Unpluggeds they’d seen. “Most bands would play their hits like they were at Madison Square Garden, except with acoustic guitars,” Grohl remembered. “We thought, ‘Rather than do an acoustic version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” let’s call the Meat Puppets, let’s see if we can learn this Bowie cover.’ ” But the Unplugged rehearsals were an utter disaster. “Kurt would turn to me and say, ‘Can you play quieter?’ Eventually I said, ‘Do you want me to just split?’ I was barely touching the drums.” Salvation came from Unplugged producer Alex Coletti, who handed Grohl a pair of Pro-Mark Hot Rod drumsticks (made from bundled pieces of wood). “We ran through a song, and Kurt’s face lit up,” Grohl said. “Those sticks saved the entire show.” Grohl is still haunted by the performance. “Before he sings the last note on ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night?,’ for that split second Kurt has a look of fear that still freaks me out,” he told us.

“Where Did You Sleep Last Night” from the 1993 Unplugged performance. The expression Grohl speaks of is at the 4:40 mark.

Click here to download a Nirvana show that occured just over a month prior to Cobain’s death. And for good measure, here’s how ole Kurt Loder remembers the whole thing going down 15 years ago.


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