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Van Hagar vs. Roth Halen

2002_roth_hagar_vanhalen2It just wasn’t sinking into my 12 year old brain that David Lee Roth was leaving Van Halen. Why the heck would he want to do that? They’re replacing him with that guy that sings “I Can’t Drive 55”? Yuck! Although Van Halen did put out some decent albums with Hagar, they were worlds away from VH I, VHII, 1984, Diver Down, etc., etc. Don at GSBF shares his thoughts:

As part of the original “Youth Gone Wild” of 80’s, I was a devout fan of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. As I got older I’d learn that there was a distinction between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock and ultimately other branch out genres such as Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Speed Metal, Stoner Metal, Glam Metal, Medium Alloy, etc, etc but that’s another story but not matter what kind of “metal” you were into, you were into Van Halen. (more…)


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