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Jim Morrison & Mary Werbelow


If you’ve read any of the many books on the “lizardy” one, you’ll probably recognize the name. It’s sometimes hard to separate the myth from reality in some of those books (and movies), especially No One Here Gets Out Alive by Danny Sugarman or Light My Fire by Ray Manzarek (movies: The Doors by Oliver Stone). Morrison wrote “The End” for Mary Werbelow, his pre-Doors, pre-California high school girlfriend. What we have here courtesy of the St. Pete Times is a realistic and seemingly plausible account of Jim Morrison and his pre-Pamela Courson muse. I read this years ago, but found it very interesting.

St. Pete Times:

Mary Werbelow is polite but firm: She doesn’t do interviews. Ever.
Jim Morrison was her first love, before he got famous with the Doors. Friends from Clearwater say that for three years in the early 1960s, Jim and Mary were inseparable. He mourns their breakup in the Doors’ ballad The End.
For nearly 40 years, all manner of people have tracked Mary down and asked for her story, including Oliver Stone, when he was making his movie starring Val Kilmer as Jim. Others waved money. Always she said thank you, no.
“I have spoken to no one.”
She can’t see what good could come of it; some things are just meant to be kept private. Besides, journalists always get it wrong. They focus on Jim Morrison as drunk, drug abuser, wild man. They don’t know his sensitivity and intellect, his charm and humor. (more…)

Here’s a recently found college film on Morrison from the era:


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  1. les quiero decir que se pongan em comtacto con migob a mi correo jim morrison fue uno de los mejores

    May 30, 2009 at 3:13 pm

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