Music that moves us.

RIP — Buddy Rich (1917-1987)

rich6Buddy Rich died on this date 1987. Here’s a MSD post on him from 11/27:

“Here’s the legendary Buddy Rich displaying his prowess on the skins. Buddy had been vaudevilian “wonder boy” drummer as a child and graduated to playing in some of the most celebrated big bands and swing bands in both pre and post WWII. He played behind Sinatra during his Dorsey days and the two had many a heated argument. Rich was almost as well known for his temper as his drumming. The Rich tapes are known in certain circles as a testament to his mercurial mood swings. A band member in Rich’s band snuck a tape recorder on to the tour bus and recorded several of his tirades. They’re good for a laugh and make you appreciate the fact that you don’t have an employer that treats you the way Rich treated those in his employ. You can hear them here. Jerry Seinfeld enjoyed working lines from the tapes into episodes of his television show.”


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