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11 Years ago today…

apr_98_1hPhish embarked on their “Island Tour”, which began in Uniondale, NY and ended three nights later in Providence, RI. The band was hot off the heels from recording The Story Of The Ghost and were white-hot as the 2005 Live Phish releases of these shows document. Usually Phish is cast aside by traditional media outlets, but I found this review of the release by All About Jazz.

Its generic bootleg style front graphics camouflaging gorgeous stage shots on the inner sleeve (is that a man jumping on a trampoline?), the packaging of the latest release in the “Live Phish” series of archival recordings , Island Tour , may stand as an accurate metaphor for the misconceptions and preconceptions about the Vermont quartet. Diehards’ revere these recordings, available on-line at Phish Dry Goods or as downloads from Live Phish as a collective pinnacle of the band’s career and it’s simple to hear why.
Certainly as the flagship of the jamband scene as it evolved from the Nineties into the new millennium, Phish invited comparisons to the Grateful Dead, not only for their proclivity for extended improvisation, but also in terms of their fan base, which swelled coincidental to the death of Dead founder Jerry Garcia in 1995, and displayed the same obsession with the four musicians as Deadheads did for the object of their fascination. Yet a more appropriate compassion might exist between Phish and The Who. (more…)


Set I: Tube, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, The Sloth, NICU, Stash> Horn, Waste, Chalkdust Torture
Set II: Punch You in the Eye, Simple, Birds of a Feather, Wolfman’s Brother> Sneaking Sally Through the Alley> Frankie Says> Twist, Sleeping Monkey, Rocky Top
Encore: Guyute



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