Music that moves us.

Joel Cummins — The Mantis Monologues

Umphrey's McGee - Green Apple Music Festival - Washington D.C. - April 20, continues with part three of a four-part series centered upon Umphrey’s McGee, and their impressive new studio album, Mantis. Part I focused on the thoughts of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jake Cinninger, who wrote much of the original material that found its way into the two-year process of recording the album. Part II gathered the musings of his bandmate, guitarist/lead vocalist/songwriter Brendan Bayliss, who discussed the production of the record, his lyrical content, and life on the road. We move onwards with the contributions of keyboardist Joel Cummins, as he digs into the details behind the record, the second decade of Umphrey’s, live work, and his numerous side projects in a wide open, pointed look at the modern improv landscape. (more…)



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