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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young — Long Island, NY (9/8/1974)

csny1Reposting this from 3/11/09, as we prepare ourselves for the upcoming Crosby, Stills & Nash show that will be coming to town in mid- August. Check out this show that was performed when CSNY was on top of the industry fueled by cocaine and insanity, but also America’s 1970’s answer to The Beatles.

Disc One:
1. Love the One You’re With
2. Wooden Ships
3. Immigration Man
4. Helpless
5. Military Madness
6. Johnny’s Garden
7. Walk On
8. Almost Cut My Hair
9. Teach Your Children
10. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
11. The Lee Shore
12. Time After Time
13. Southbound Train
Disc 2:
1. Another Sleep Song
2. Our House
3. Hawaiian Sunrise
4. Long May You Run
5. Ambulance Blues
6. Old Man
7. Change Partners
8. Myth of Sisyphus
9. You Can’t Catch Me / Word Game
10. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
11. Deja Vu
12. First Things First
Disc 3:
1. Don’t Be Denied
2. Black Queen
3. Revolution Blues
4. Pushed it Over the End
5. Pre-Road Downs
6. Carry On
7. Sugar Mountain
8. Ohio

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