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Phish fans get Kreft’d?

snc12443Telluride Daily Planet:

You could call this Phishing for Phish fans.
More than a dozen Phish fans were outraged Thursday when an online ticket broker with ties to Telluride told them he couldn’t supply them with tickets, and he couldn’t refund them their money.
They said Justin Kreft, a Montrose resident who works in Telluride, used eBay to auction tickets to the jam band’s reunion show in Virginia next week. He took thousands of dollars off their credit or debit cards, they said, then shut down his e-mail and didn’t return phone calls.
The Telluride Marshals Department said Kreft is being investigated for felony computer crime. Reached at the offices of Telluride Limo, a company he started that is similar to Mountain Limo, Kreft declined to talk. His lawyer, Denver’s Mark Kraynak, said he thought Kreft would be “entirely exonerated.” But in a letter to those who bought tickets, Kreft admits something went wrong. (more…)

Also check out this fan’s blog about being Kreft’d.


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  1. victim? check-out

    March 2, 2009 at 10:48 am

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