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Happy Birthday — Jim Morrison (1943-1971)

jimmorrison19701Love ’em? Hate ’em? Indifferent to him? Whatever the case, there’s no denying his impact on rock music and the lead singer role. Morrison’s long suffering Naval father passed away recently (read here about it), leaving the Morrison estate in the hands of Jim’s brother and sister and Morrison’s “cosmic mate’s” (Pamela Courson, d.1974) parents. Jim would’ve been 66 today, although he only made it to 27, dying in Paris in ’71 and there will be a celebration at one of his L.A. haunts, Barney’s Beanery. Apparently Morrison was banished from the establishment after urinating on the bar. A plaque will be placed in honor of the occassion by Dave Houston (owner of Barney’s Beanery) at the destination of Mr. Mojo’s dribble.  If you can’t make it to Barney’s tonight, perhaps you can celebrate by watching one of our carefully chosen videos below.

Performing “The Soft Parade” on PBS’ Critique in 1969:

Performing John Lee Hooker’s “Crawling King Snake” in 1971:

Performing “5 to 1” at London’s The Roundhouse in ’68:

Also, if you’re hunting more vintage Doors stuff, check out the new Live At The Matrix recordings that capture a hungry Sunset Boulevard prowling band on the rise.


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